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Credit Counseling & Bankruptcy Services Help Us Get Back on Our Feet

Credit counseling and bankruptcy services provide the information and means on how to avoid incurring debts that cannot be paid and even to declare bankruptcy if an individual has legally declared his inability or impairment of ability to pay creditors. There is no specific amount of debt required for you to have a need to […]

Declare Yourself Bankrupt

Are you thinking about whether to declare yourself bankrupt or not? Declaring bankruptcy can certainly wipe your debt slate clean giving you a fresh start but you really need to give this decision some serious thought.If you are facing what appears to be insurmountable debt and can’t see your way forward for many years to […]

Getting the Bankruptcy Information You Need

It seems that every time you turn around, the bankruptcy laws are changing. The latest change in the laws governing bankruptcy has caused some confusion for people. The law that changed the way people file for bankruptcy happened back in 2005. The new bankruptcy law now has stricter rules for people wanting to file bankruptcy. […]

Getting a Loan After Bankruptcy

You may have come to a place in your life where bankruptcy was your only option. Now that your bankruptcy has been discharged, you may wonder if you will ever qualify for a loan again. Perhaps you have been shopping around, or you may have put in for a loan only to be told that […]

Avoid Bankruptcy Now

Are you trying to avoid bankruptcy? Don’t worry there is a way to sort out your debt and create a secure financial future.Sometimes debts spiral out of control for various reasons; loss of a job, sickness, bad money management, and overspending are just a few of the possible causes. Whatever the reason you can resolve […]

Dealing With Your Home When Bankruptcy Looms

Deciding to go bankrupt For most people, bankruptcy is the final course of action in dealing with serious debt problems once all other alternatives have been exhausted. Despite the negative connotation bankcruptcy is an excellent solution because it immediately removes the burden of serious debt. However, the biggest potential loss when bankruptcy is declared is […]