Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy and are getting ready to come out of it, it may seem paradoxical, but you need to get right back on the horse and start applying for credit cards. Each credit card will have a different credit balance, which is exactly what you need. It will take a ton of […]

Becoming Free of the Bankrupt Mentality

As the truth of our shakey American and global economy comes to the surface, we each get the opportunity to see how we’re handling our own finances, how we’re possibly living on shakey grounds financially, where we want to run and ask for someone to “bail” us out from living a life of excessive credit […]

Bankruptcy and the Price of a Latte

Financial consultants are always so quick to declare that you need to cut spending when things are really bad. Sure we all have some luxury spending that could deserve the financial axe. Cell phone service plans at $100+ a month, cable tv plans, a house with more bathrooms than I can count and a mortgage […]

Bankruptcy and Your Health

If you are suffering financial problems, don’t neglect your health. It’s still important to exercise 3 times a week and watch what you eat. Many people when they get into debt will hide away from everything and “hole up” so they don’t have to see anyone. This can have disastrous effects on your overall physical […]

Debt Reaffirmation – What is It?

Before and during a bankruptcy, creditors will encourage the consumer to sign a debt reaffirmation document. This agreement is a promise to the creditor that the consumer will pay the debt after the bankruptcy. So, the debt isn’t removed during the bankruptcy, and the consumer is still obligated to pay it afterward.Consumers can be guilted […]

Credit Card Bankruptcy Advice For You

Credit card bankruptcy happens when you cannot pay off your monthly debts owing on your credit card. It is very easy these days to get into debt using your credit cards. It is very easy for people to charge many items onto their cards, not worrying about how much they owe until the end of […]